It may share the same day as America’s Independence, but that is not what the Town Council and local retailer representative group LB First are talking about for Saturday 4th July 2020. Oh no, our attention is for the annual Independents’ Day UK which highlights and celebrates all the independent businesses that you find in our Town Centre and locally. 

Independents’ Day UK is a campaign that exists to support and promote independent retail businesses across the UK all year round, but with an annual focus on July 4th: ‘Independents’ Day’ itself. Independents account for something in the order of 65% of the approximately 290,000 retail outlets in the UK and are at the heart of local communities throughout the country*.

There are far-reaching advantages in deciding to ‘’keep it local’’ when you are making buying decisions. By supporting local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local economy; meaning that money stays within your community keeping your High Street vibrant.

Many of us have been shopping more locally over recent months as many haven’t been commuting, or traveling as they would usually and our local network of small businesses have been rapidly adapting to serve their community, the emphasis has been on staying local.

Gennaro Borelli, Chairman of LB First said,

Sadly, this year’s Independents’ Day event won’t be the same. In previous years we have hosted local business owners having stalls in the High Street alongside our regular market traders featuring live music for entertainment. None the less we will still be celebrating the fact that from the 4th July many more businesses will be allowed to reopen after the long lockdown period and we can also celebrate the successful reopening of the full market in the High Street with thanks to the temporary pedestrianisation. This has meant that people are able to come into town in the knowledge that there is plenty of space to be able to access the stalls as well as queue for other shops and be able to keep a safe distance. This will also be an opportunity for some cafes, pubs and bars to be able to bring tables and chairs out onto the pavement and create an ‘al fresco’ environment for people to enjoy whilst maintaining safe distancing – a great chance for many businesses to trade through the summer months.”

This year, we are unable to host an additional market on the 4th July due to Covid-19 restrictions. Instead we will be supporting the national campaign through our social media platforms, as well as encouraging local businesses to engage with us. 

Gennaro continued, “The sun has been out, the flags are flying, the bunting is up, and the Town’s businesses are ready to welcome you back so let us make sure we continue to Keep It Local, #KeepingItLocalLB’’

For independent retailers, the Independents’ Day UK campaign can be used to promote their own businesses online and in their own communities. There are a few different ideas for you to utilise this campaign; simply downloading and sharing the logo to show your support, following and engaging with the campaign across social media platforms, tell your story or plan a special event or promotion specifically for that day.

For Shoppers, show some love for the independent retailers you value most both in your local communities and online. A few ideas; Follow and engage with the campaign across Independents’ Day UK social media platforms, give a shout-out on social media to your favourite independent retailers – tag in @UKIndieday and @LBMarket and use the hashtag #ukindieday and #KeepingItLocalLB. You could also make a list of one or two independent retailers that you’ve never visited before, or your local favourites and pledge to visit them on Independents’ Day on July 4th

Remember, where you can: Stay Local, Pledge a Pound, Support Small Shops