Helping Businesses Adapt, Survive and Thrive in the Pandemic

Clear Blinds installed at Jamcrackers to allow safety for staff and customers

With the government now attempting to ease lockdown, some businesses have tentatively started to reopen. Others are making plans to ensure they are ready for when their industry gets the green light to go ahead. There are a number of things businesses can do to ensure the safety of their staff, and you, their customers. 

Some familiar sights we are seeing at the moment in shops and supermarkets are a great start, such as limiting the amounts of customers at any one time, implementing a one way system and placing floor markers to indicate 2 metre spacing. Many places have now also adopted a card only payment system, and some provide hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes for trolleys and baskets.

It is a huge worry for employers who now need to look at bringing their entire workforce back off of furlough and into the office. The same concern will be had by high street businesses across the country looking to reopen their doors. How can we keep our customers and staff safe? People need to have the confidence to be able to resume some kind of normal life. 

Some businesses have already started to get ahead of the game and diversification is key. Charles Darwin famously said that

those that survive are the ones best able to adapt to, and adjust to, the changing environment in which they find themselves.

Companies are realising that they need to make changes fast to keep their business alive. One of the first to bring out a new line of Covid Protection products is Prestigious Blinds and Shutters. This local business usually specialises in quality window coverings for your home, but they have now extended their range to include Covid Roller Screens -a clear roller blind perfect for reception areas, and Perspex Desk Dividers, the new ‘must have’ for office spaces.

Keen to get their businesses up to speed with covid safety and first to be fitted with the new roller screens were Jam Crackers UK, an established IT company in North Street, Leighton Buzzard and Jackson & Phillips Automotive Services in King Street, Leighton Buzzard who reopened on 11th May to cars queueing round the block… This was also much to the delight of Emma & Mark from Prestigious who desperately needed a new tyre after suffering a blow out that weekend!

Whilst the onus is on businesses to provide as much protection for you as possible, it is also important to remember that you too must be responsible and take all the necessary precautions available. Making a concerted effort to support as many local businesses and services as possible as we all struggle through this difficult time is the least any of us can do.

You can listen to Mark from Prestigious Blinds on his recent interview with Leighton Buzz Radio here:

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