The Rotary Club of Leighton-Linslade is pleased that in the fight against COVID 19 they have been able to support Jacqueline Hargreaves and Vandyke School  in the production of PPE Face Visors.

Having seen the teams story and their efforts to provide Visors for a Leighton-Linslade Pharmacy, Rotary contacted Jacqueline to see if they could assist and have been able to fund significant additional raw materials, as well as open up an opportunity with a local company In terms of enhanced  laser cutter capability. 
In the process of working with Vandyke School, Rotary also became aware of a similarly outstanding project  being undertaken at Linslade School and have made contact with a view to offering appropriate support for this Visor project as well.
Simon Marshall Chairman Leighton Linslade Rotary Task Group said.

“ The work being undertaken by both Vandyke & Linslade Schools is truly outstanding and is helping to keep key staff safe when working in the community,  with visors being delivered to A&E, Care Homes, Pharmacies and other key locations during a critical time in the fight against COVID 19. The Rotary Club of Leighton Linslade is pleased to be able to support both Vandyke & Linslade Schools and will continue to work with both teams to maximise the benefit to our local community from these fantastic projects “

The first plastic arrived yesterday supplied by Rotary in support of the work being undertaken by Jacqui Hargreaves of Vandyke School to provide PPE Visors for frontline Staff . The green visors in the picture were also supplied to the Ambulance Service on the same day.

Additionally the Rotary Club’s Task Group are working on other local initiatives with a view to delivering practical support in the community when it is needed and would remind any organisation that if they feel they  could benefit from Rotary support in these unprecedented times then they should contact the Club via its Facebook page or via