Dear all
In light of the recent announcement I have halted the delivery of Bee Local Magazine.  
for the following reasons:-

  1. Although a comfort and part of the community, particlarly for older readers at this time of isolation it is unlikely to be argued as ‘essential’.
  2. Public Health England say parcels and post are unlikely to pose a risk but if it, or the distributors in some way caused someone to be exposed, the risk is not justified.  It may also cause undue distress to someone who is worried about this arriving in their home.
  3. It would require the distributors to go out and I would not like them to put themselves at risk.
  4. Finally – many of the advertisers, would not be able to respond to enquiries if they were to receive any and this is a waste of their marketing budget at an already diffiult time so I feel it is better to delay so that they get the most from their advert at the right time.

My action plan for April edition

  • Delay distribution of the April edition until things improve
  • At that time I will print an accompanying leaflet to go with the magazine with a new editor’s letter and any current relevant community advice (events if any).  This will keep the edition relevant and as you know Bee Local is packed with articles too so still plenty to read.
  • In the meantime I will make a new April online edition and then publish that via social media.  Current advertisers will then get the benefit of being seen in this campaign and then later in the delayed printed edition.

Future Plan
There will be no May edition but an extra August edition instead which is usually combined with July.

My Situation

April edition was printed and out to distribution before any of the measures for Covid 19 were put in place.  I have therefore incurred all the costs of this magazine.  I hope you can bear with me during this difficult time I hope to have your little Bee back with you very soon.