Residents of The Wharf have successfully campaigned to receive compensation after disputing Anglian Water’s claim that they are not due any compensation

Unhappy residents told they won’t receive compensation

Unhappy residents at The Wharf development in Linslade had received letters and emails explaining that they are not eligible for compensation after the water outages before Christmas.

Leighton and Linslade residents plus other areas including Toddington and Hockliffe were left without water before Christmas. The outage started on Friday 13th December with many people without water for up to 3 days.

Wharf resident Sam Bay who led the campaign for The Wharf to receive compensation said in an interview with Leighton Buzz Radio “Anglian Water have told me that water pressure readings at The Wharf would indicate that they were not eligible” however Sam goes on to say that she believes they were one of the areas without water until Sunday/early hours Monday and not sure how Anglian Water can not be aware of this.

Wharf residents were one of many who queued for water at the emergency water distribution point set up at Tesco’s. Sam told Leighton Buzz Radio that names and addresses were taken at the time of distribution and that emergency deliveries were also made to one of the elderly residents so Anglian Water must have been aware of their outage.

The faulty valve that caused the problem was fixed on the Saturday after the outage but pockets of air in the system meant the supply couldn’t be turned back on for thousands of residents.

Following the notification from Leighton Buzz Radio about the interview Anglian Water issued the following statement.

“Further to investigations this weekend we have identified some customers living in The Wharf and Town Bridge Mill areas of Leighton Linslade who were incorrectly informed that they would not be receiving compensation following the loss of water they experienced over the weekend of the 13th – 16th December.

“This incident affected a large number of our customers and it has been a complex challenge to understand the degree of impact we had in various parts of Leighton Linslade, however we would like to apologise to those customers and we will be automatically refunding them as quickly as possible.”

You can hear the interview with Sam Bay on the Leighton Buzz Radio website here