Recycle Right

Central Beds Recycling Leaflet

Recycle Right!

An initiative that aims to increase knowledge and encourage residents to recycle better has been launched across Central Bedfordshire. New leaflets on how to recycle have been produced by Central Bedfordshire Council, following feedback from local residents.

There are three different leaflets, aimed at different levels of recyclers, which give encouragement and tips on how to ‘recycle right’. All households (excluding flats) across the region will receive a leaflet during the campaign.

Cllr Budge Wells, Deputy Executive Member for Community Services at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “Thanks to the efforts of local residents, we are already recycling 46% of household waste, but we would love to be recycling more. Recycling does more than save precious resources: it also means that taxpayers’ money can be spent on other services. So every time you recycle, you are helping to save money that can be spent on improving local libraries and leisure facilities; helping to keep streets clean and safe; or helping to maintain green open spaces.

“We are asking the public to help us to recycle right by disposing of more items in the correct bins. Most residents already recycle plastic drinks bottles, food tins and drink cans, cardboard boxes and newspapers. However typically items such as empty aerosol cans, aluminium foil trays, and also bathroom items such as shampoo, shower gel and moisturiser bottles and toilet roll tubes are often overlooked.

“We are very grateful for the public’s efforts and appreciate residents taking the time to rinse and squash items and only putting items we can recycle in Central Bedfordshire in their recycling bins., This helps the council to recycle as much as possible, so saving money and making the most of resources.”

For further information about recycling, please visit, contact 0300 300 8302 or follow