Keen gardener John Williams of Linslade, delivered pumkins and squashes from his allotment to his granddaughter Isabella’s school.

Isabella attends Solihull Primary School and they needed produce for their Harvest Festival Assembly. Retired teacher John is pictured donating the pumpkins to Mrs Kay Halsey , at Isabella’s school.  It was Isabella’s 6th birthday that day, and she was extra happy because her class had sung happy birthday to her, and she was allowed to choose a gift (Superhero glider) from the birthday box. However, she was a bit nervous when she was summoned to the school office. Her apprehension soon disappeared when Mrs Halsey told her about Grandad’ s visit, and Isabella was delighted to pose with the pumpkins.
After the Harvest Festival Assembly, the school donated the pupil’s food to Solihull Church. Reverend Julie transported the items to the local Food Bank. Except the pumpkins and squashes – they are being turned into curries in order to provide a Harvest Meal.  Any donations from this meal will be given to the Food Bank,  so that they can buy items they are short of , such as sugar and toilet rolls.
Before he retired John Williams was a teacher at Vandyke Upper School , in Leighton Buzzard for over 30 years.