Pulford VA CofE Lower School governing body are proposing a change to the age range of the provision at Pulford School, to include nursery age children from the term in which they turn three, which requires a lowering of the school’s age range by 1 year.

The schooNursery child drawingl has had a pre-school provision since 2011 this has improved the transition of pre-school children into the main school. The lower age range will help us to build a stronger base from which the children will grow in their love of learning.

From September 2017 we are proposing lowering the school’s age range by 1 year, making the schools age range 2-9 years, rather than the current 3-9 years. This will create the opportunity for pre-statutory school aged children to benefit from teacher-led nursery education and help to secure the long-term future of this small, friendly school. Being part of Pulford school, children from 2 years old will be eligible to access our fantastic new facilities, which are still subject to planning permission and have support from our own dedicated early years staffing team.

Pulford school has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted. The school was also rated Outstanding by the National Society, in their Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).

The consultation period will run for 4 weeks from Friday 28th April 2017 to Friday 26th May 2017. The Governing Body of the school will consider all comments received during the consultation period. We are consulting with all relevant stakeholders as required by law when making changes to school age range arrangements.

If you wish to make a response to this consultation, please email the school office@pulford.cbeds.co.uk or alternatively write to the address provided above, for the attention of, Mr David Heather, Head teacher. We will be allowing 4 weeks for receiving responses, all responses must therefore be received by 3.30 pm on Friday 26th May 2017, to be considered by the Governing Body.